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Are You Ignoring 11 Million Car Shoppers?

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Yahoo Search Statistics

Yahoo Gaining Ground in Search

Late last year, Mozilla announced that they were switching the default search engine in the Firefox browser from Google to Yahoo. At the time, there was some pretty strong speculation as to what the effect of that switch would be. Well so far, the results seem pretty good for Yahoo, having gained 1.6% [1] and 1.2% [2] of all search engine traffic over the months of December and January, respectively.

Not only is Yahoo/Bing gaining ground in overall search volume, but the results pertaining to automotive searching on the network are very impressive. Here are some of the key advantages that the Yahoo/Bing network offers to automotive dealers:

  • Cost per click on automotive searches are, on average, almost 60% cheaper on the Yahoo/Bing network than on Google
  • There are roughly 11 million automotive searchers on the Yahoo/Bing network that cannot be reached on Google in a given month
  • In March of 2014, there were over 80 Million automotive searches on the Yahoo/Bing network
  • The average Yahoo/Bing searcher is more affluent and more highly educated than the average Google searcher

So what does this mean for you, the Dealer? Essentially, this means that you have to start taking Yahoo more seriously. Moving forward, as this trend of consumers adopting Yahoo continues, it’s going to become more and more important for you to expand your presence on the Yahoo/Bing network. The great news is that Dealer eProcess and the Digital AMMP team are way ahead of the curve and can help you gain more VDP views–at a very cost effective rate–from the growing Yahoo network.

Dealer eProcess partnered with Yahoo/Bing to integrate our award winning Digital AMMP marketing platform into the Yahoo/Bing search network; making us one of only a handful of marketing agencies in North America that Yahoo/Bing has chosen as a partner. This integration will not only allow us to run our inventory specific ads to this growing number of Yahoo searchers, but it will also allow our marketing team to track marketing results across all different channels. Moving forward, this deeper level of tracking and analytics will allow us to optimize our customers’ digital marketing budgets to ensure that the right amount of money is being spent on the right ad networks at any given time.

Call us at 877.551.2555 or fill out the contact form below to find out how you can beat your competition in this growing network of local shoppers.

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