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New Website Feature: Get Lease Payment Button

By January 5, 2018February 6th, 2018No Comments
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Maximizing your leads and targeting customers looking to lease a vehicle is easier than ever with DEP’s new default Get Lease Payment button! This feature is now live by default as part of the RESSponsive 3.0 upgrade and SRP/VDP redesigns.

Price is a determining factor for customers browsing and shopping online, which is why SRP and VDP pages work to showcase a dealership’s competitive offers. Our Get ePrice button has already been utilizing this strategy, creating a way for dealers to track leads and gain customer interest. But what about when a customer is looking to lease instead of finance a purchase? Now, with our Get Lease Payment button, they’ll be able to contact a dealer for specific payment details about the cost to lease the vehicle they are considering.

The functionality of this feature is the same as the Get ePrice button and will appear directly below on both the SRP and VDP pages. A customer who clicks on the button will be shown a pop-up form where they can add their info and then submit, sending a lead form directly to the dealer’s CRM. Additionally, the Get Lease Payment form works with our new One-Touch Form set-up, so if that customer has already completed a form somewhere else on the site, they won’t need to re-enter the information. By attracting a whole new set of customers, dealers will be able to increase their leads and create higher website conversions.

Whether you are a dealer who knows you want to target lease customers or want to find out how interested your current clients are in leasing, this new button is a valuable feature that increases leads.  If you have any questions, our Account Executives would be happy to help.

Contact Dealer eProcess today to learn more about our All-In-One solution, featuring RESSponsive 3.0 websites, full-suite digital marketing, chat, trade-in tool, finance application, and more!


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