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Honda of Chantilly – WAZE Success Story

By April 11, 2018No Comments

Check out how Honda of Chantilly used WAZE to build brand awareness and help shoppers find their dealership. 

Advertising on WAZE , the maps/navigation app used by over 90 million consumers, brings prospective shoppers directly to your dealership. By targeting nearby drivers who are on the go, dealers can take advantage of this opportunity and bring them directly to their showroom or service center. Because Waze is a digital app, advertisers are able to track in real-time and know exactly where their opportunities lie. By monitoring the amount of consumers you can reach, clicks on your ads, navigations to your dealership, and phone calls, you can’t miss a beat when creating the ultimate WAZE marketing strategy.

Every minute, there are over 7 navigations to car dealers via WAZE, and every 5 minutes there are over 56 searches for vehicle service centers on the App.

Checkout the Success Story below on Honda of Chantilly, one of DEP’s first clients advertising on the WAZE platform.

Within a month of advertising on WAZE, Honda of Chantilly experienced:

  • Over 300,000 views of the dealership on the WAZE app
  • 266 Navigations to the dealership
  • 277 clicks

By utilizing the several different ad formats available on the WAZE platform, dealers can run cost-effect campaigns while creating brand awareness and being there when shoppers are searching for them most. Reach drivers when their attention is highest with high, impactful ads, or show up at the top of search results when users are searching.

By having a clear marketing objective and clear budget, WAZE advertising was able to help direct over 200 potential customers to the dealership. Without advertising on the navigation app, the dealership would have missed such opportunities due to their competitors who are already advertising on WAZE. If you don’t take advantage of advertising on the app, you run the risk of having your customers get directions to your competitors’ showrooms and service lanes.

Learn more about advertising with WAZE here. Contact your PPC specialist today to hear more success stories on WAZE or email to learn more about getting your dealership on the navigation app.