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The Virtual Credit Consultant will added to your website for a complimentary 60 day trial. The leads for Virtual Credit Consultant will be found in the same place as our standard finance application leads. We will add banners for the VCC application on your homepage and on your inventory search pages.

If you do not want to participate in this program, please contact 866-749-4806 or e-mail Support@DealereProcess.com

For your complimentary 60 day trial of Virtual Credit Consultant (VCC), you will receive the Lite version of the software. The Lite version of VCC is used as a lead based application and does not utilize TransUnion, there are no credit scores or soft pulls of credit. With the Lite VCC, you will receive the contact information for each visitor who fills out the application. As well as their contact information, VCC is customizable, and you can choose to require many additional fields such as Date of Birth, SSN, Down Payment, and many more.


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