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Vehicle Details Page – “21 Ways to Get a Lead”

By October 27, 2009April 24th, 2020No Comments

What is the vehicle details page?

The vehicle details page is arguably one of the most important pages on a dealer website. It is the one page where potential customers decide whether or not they are truly interested in purchasing a car from your dealership. After all, everything from vehicle price, MPG ratings, to interior options and more can be found the vehicle details page. Dealer eProcess understands the importance of this page and has fine-tuned the delicate balance of providing relevant information for the customer while gathering pertinent information for the dealer.

What are some of the lead generating tools provided on the vehicle details page?

Dealer eProcess incorporates 21 different ways to generate leads in every vehicle details page they built. While some lead generating tools are more subtle than others (in terms of how they collect customer information), Dealer eProcess has learned never to take for granted what will appeal to a customer once they land on the vehicle they are looking for.  While price points, MPG ratings and safety options are obvious incentive points for many consumers, interior options, warranty information and mechanical options are important enticement aspects for others. The point being, Dealer eProcess does not discriminate between lead generating opportunities and carefully asks for customer contact information on a multitude of lead generating platforms.

How do I integrate such lead generation into my vehicle details page?

The integration of such lead generation is simple because Dealer eProcess provides all of the lead building tools for you. While certain additions such as phone numbers and email contacts are obvious lead solutions, Dealer eProcess also incorporates more modern lead generating tools, such as YouTube integration, Digg capabilities and other auto dealer social networking implementation. Providing several lead building opportunities is essential for dealers because it gives them a better chance at collecting pertinent customer contact information and generating a successful conversion.

What will I ultimately gain by incorporating Dealer eProcess’ lead generating tools into the vehicle details page of my dealer website?

By incorporating Dealer eProcess’ lead generating tools into the vehicle details page of your dealer website, you will enjoy better lead building capabilities as well as more successful conversion rates. Furthermore, you will be creating a more pleasing user experience for potential customers because not only will they be able to find the information they are looking for, but they will also be able to share that information with the people of their choosing. Basically, these tools provide a win-win solution for both the dealer and the customer; the dealer enjoys the opportunity to collect pertinent contact information while the customer benefits from sharing relevant car information on a multitude of media sharing/social networking platforms.