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Using Social Media For Lead Conversion by Neil Bianco

By October 24, 2012April 24th, 2020No Comments

How will you convert your Facebook fans and Twitter followers to buyers? While there is no magic formula, it should certainly be seen as something that is cultivated. The rules change once you exit landing pages and copy-filled web pages – as trying to “sell” people on social media will likely land your dealership on the wrong side of a “like.”

Knowing the Limits

No one likes to follow a boring brand or business. According to 52 percent of respondents cited by Social Media Influence (SMI), repetitive and boring posts are the reason for not following a brand on Facebook any longer. A separate look at Facebook no-no’s from SMI revealed that too many notifications and marketing-heavy messages were also the reason for the “unlike.”

It actually makes perfect sense. There is a place and time for marketing-related messages and announcements – but there’s also a thin line between what’s reasonable and what’s too much. Social media is a way for people to connect with loved ones. As it relates to businesses, they want to save some money and perhaps keep tabs on their favorite businesses.

The numbers reflect this. Mindjumpers notes that 58 percent of those who liked a brand on Facebook did so because they are a customer. For 57 percent, they wanted to receive discounts and promotions.

An Exciting Social Media Presence

Keep your social media followers on their toes. While there is a time and place for marketing, you should also explore the hottest item on social media – content marketing.

Forbes noted that, per a recent study from B2B Magazine, content marketing is the most important tool cited by B2B marketers for: generating leads, brand awareness, thought leadership, and sales. What was the most-used method for content? Indeed – it was social media, at 80 percent.

Users crave exciting articles, pictures, and items that they can share with their contact on social media networks. By providing unique content – and only then mixing in industry-specific news, developments with the business, and great discounts and promotions – businesses can improve their social media presence. A business can keep customers engaged, and appeal to those that aren’t following them on social media sites.

Impressing Audiences

Sometimes, all it takes is a little creativity to appeal to your audience. For instance, Amanda Nelson notes a couple of examples from Avon and JetBlue that is instantly appealing.

By using visuals to engage with users, it’s easy to see how these brands had instant success with the post. Having content that “jumps out” at the customer can be incredibly effective at generating buzz – leading to better lead generation and word-of-mouth advertising on social media sites.

This also works for text-based content. If you have content that’s hosted on your business’ blog, share it on social media to appeal to your followers. It’s easy to see how 38 of the most surreal beaches and coastlines on the planet and 15 Photo Blogging Tips From the Pros catch the eye of the reader – and the content impresses.

Look for visually-appealing content and items that “jump” out at the reader – sparking interest and creating buzz on social media sites.


Capitalizing on Great Content

When you create buzz, you can reap the benefits of having a high number of likes and shares. Your audience will naturally grow on social media sites.

But how do you improve leads? As you are producing great content that appeals to readers, work in well-timed promotions and specials that offer value to the reader. One very strong idea is to present exclusive sales for customers that follow you on a specific network.

Don’t forget about putting links in the right places. If you are sharing content posted on your blog, use links that direct social media followers to your blog. This can improve your website traffic and make use of current call-to-actions to transfer the reader into a customer. At Dealer eProcess, custom websites can integrate social media and blogs for maximum effectiveness.

The Next Steps

It is no secret. While many businesses try to overdo matters with marketing on social media sources, others are finding great success. They use a balanced approach that utilizes the following:

  • Content marketing that appeals to customers. It provides emotional or useful content that leads to likes and shares to increase visibility.
  • Integration with the website and blog of the business. This powerfully works in other marketing areas that can convert the lead (i.e. call-to-actions on the website).
  • Interesting posts. Users like hearing about industry news that is interesting. By covering news in the industry (i.e. latest news on futuristic automobiles), you establish your dealership as an expert in the industry.
  • Awareness. Customers will use social media as a means of customer service. Be aware of these dynamics that are developing on social networks, as quick, effective customer service is a way to cater to your customers. After all, others will see how you are treating these individuals.

Social media is a great way to take advantage of your user base, growing and nurturing it for impressive business growth. As the numbers and success stories reveal, it’s about offering value and even entertainment to the customer. It can start with interesting content, an eye towards customer service, and integration with the website and blog to take advantage of marketing opportunities.