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Used Cars Network – Expanding Local Reach for the Used Car Shopper

By February 25, 2019No Comments

Dealers looking for a way to compete in the voluminous used car market have a new weapon on their side – DEP’s Used Cars Network! When inventory giants such as CarGurus are taking over organic local search results, dealers need a more advanced strategy to win local used car shoppers.

The Reality of Ranking for ‘Used Cars’

As many already know, while ‘used cars’ is a top search term in the automotive industry, it is also the most difficult to rank for organically. Unlike searching for a new vehicle, customers interested in pre-owned vehicles often times do not type in a specific year, make, or model. Short-tailed (less than four words) searches such as ‘used cars Chicago’ are nearly impossible to rank well for, especially when up against major online marketplaces or are located in or near a major city.

Our Solution – Use the Power of Many

This leads to the question: how can I enhance my optimization strategy and drive local traffic to my website for simple, short-tailed used vehicle search queries? The answer: join the Used Cars Network. As part of this collective network, you are using the power of many, banded together to gain local visibility for those searches you can’t win on your own. By displaying your used car inventory on a larger platform built to target the local market, you are not only gaining exposure and expanding the reach of your brand, but also creating a strong backlink strategy for your website which is a key factor for ranking.

Used Car Network

How Does it Work?

The ‘Used Cars Network’ is a collaboration of several dealers used inventory to create local used vehicle portal websites. Each network site targets a specific major city and showcases used car inventory on the search results page (SRP) for all dealers in close proximity. For example, the newly launched displays thousands of vehicles currently in stock from various local dealers within a 200-mile radius of Chicago, IL.

Consumers can navigate through a vast selection of used cars for sale near them, filtering by zip code. Once they find a vehicle of interest and click on the listing, they are taken directly to the vehicle details page (VDP) on the respective dealer’s site to view more information and take the next step. This way, the dealer truly gets the best of both worlds. Not only will they be dramatically enhancing their pre-owned inventory presence, all lead forms and traffic will be sent to their dealership website.

Both franchise and independent dealers can look forward to increased visibility with our Used Cars Network. Promoting used vehicles with this platform provides a unique strategy to maximize lead and sales opportunities for a segment of their business that many dealers are wanting to enhance!

To join or learn more about Dealer eProcess and our Used Cars Network, an exclusive offering you will not find with any other provider in the space, contact us today! Let us help enhance your local SEO strategy and conquer the search results.

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