Toyota Dealer News: Capitalizing on Toyota’s Off-Road Heritage

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There are many durable SUVs built on a car like platform, like the Highlander, but serious off-road enthusiasts insist on a body-on-frame configuration. Fortunately, Toyota has a full stable of body-on-frame SUVs and a long history of durability for dealers to point to. Savvy dealers can create or commission custom content capitalizing on Toyota’s strengths in this area and tying it into local places and application for both and SEO and site conversion advantage.

The 4Runner, Land Cruiser, and Sequoia are all body-on-frame SUVs. When production of the FJ Cruiser stopped, Toyota reassured enthusiasts it would not follow GM and Ford down the path of only offering body-on-frame for its seven-passenger and above vehicles. In fact, the 4Runner outsells every body-on-frame vehicle in the U.S. except the Wrangler.

Already this year, the 4Runner reached its highest sales level since 2007 and is on pace to pass the 2007 mark by the end of the year. This vehicle delighted adventurous drivers since 1984 and is now in its fifth generation. The 2016 model includes even more towing capacity and cell phone navigation integration. Exclusively for dealers on Dealer eProcess websites, Vehicle Details Pages of the 2016 4Runner already include the manufacturer’s downloadable brochure and downloadable owner’s manual. The screen shot below is from a Toyota dealer using the platform and shows an example of the installed options on a 2016 4Runner as displayed on the dealer’s site.

Installed options screen image

The 2016 8-passenger Sequoia is also merchandised with a downloadable brochure and owner’s manual. Think of all the things people in your community could do with 120 cubic feet of capacity, then write about a few of them, contract it out, or let us do it for you at Dealer eProcess. This is typically not a vehicle purchased by just one person. It’s primarily a family vehicle and is often a family purchase decision. That requires enough information to make all the decision makers excited and comfortable enough to come into the store. Achieve that, or they will likely never get into the vehicle where comfort and excitement are inevitable.
Land Cruiser is Toyota’s longest running model with a history dating back to 1951. Because of its diversity and extreme harshness, Australia is often used as testing grounds for the Land Cruiser. It must be working, because the vehicle is the largest selling body-on-frame four-wheel drive in that country. Each local dealer in the U.S. has an opportunity to combine facts like these with local stories about challenging passages or favorite outing locations. The durability of the Land Cruiser is internationally legendary, but the best SEO and conversion value comes from combining the renowned with the local.