Toyota Certified Parts & Service Digital Advertising Program

Paid Search

Let us turn your service and parts department into an unstoppable force! Our proprietary digital advertising system generates ads not only for your services but for the models you service as well.

That means the ad fits the customer’s needs, which reduces the frequency of unwanted clicks. This keeps your SEM costs down and your conversion rates up, and sets us apart from other SEM vendors.

Toyota Paid Search listing


Look BIG to every shopper who visits your website. We will create and serve ads that will follow your prospects around the web’s most popular sites after they visit yours. We’ll display engaging messages based on their exact activity on your site. Remarketing is one of the most cost effective ways to spread brand awareness amongst your target market and stay on the customer’s mind.

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YouTube TrueView Advertising

With over 90% of 25-54 year olds using YouTube everyday, TrueView Advertising is one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness.

Whether remarketing or targeting in-market audiences, campaigns are cost effective and you can add a custom Call-To-Action button to prompt viewers to visit your website.

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Display Advertising

Whether you want a campaign designed for dealership branding, or something event-driven or model specific, we can do it. We’ll design and place a targeted digital ad on hundreds of websites, and unlike traditional media, your prospects are only a click away from visiting you. You will find this to be a more cost-effective way of advertising, with a proven ROI.

Google Posts

Google Posts are an inexpensive way to put a vivid image of your store and your offers on the front page of Google. Posts allows you to place scrolling banners just under your Google My Business listing. These banners are managed and can be rotated and changed as needed to ensure your messaging is always relevant and gives you the most visibility on Google.

It also allows the posting of coupons, giving you the ability to have your special offers and promos on the first page of Google every time.

The utilization of Google Posts helps give you an SEO boost and adds value to your Google My Business page listing.

Toyota parts and service ad displayed on phone

WAZE Advertising

WAZE is used by over 90 million consumers in the US. Every minute, there are over 7 navigations to car dealers and every 5, over 56 searches for service centers. Take advantage or risk customers getting directed to your competitors instead of you. With WAZE Advertising, you have multiple opportunities to put your brand in front of consumers the moment they’re looking to drive to a dealership.

Toyota WAZE ads displayed on three phones lined up side by side