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Toyota Brings the Heat with Digital Retailing

By August 8, 2019No Comments
Digital Retailing Toyota

With the summer comes heat and a lot of it – well for most of us at least (we’re looking at you in the Northwest). Grills, fireworks, and pool days are what come to mind when you think of the summer and heat. Well while you’re enjoying the pool, S.A.R.A, our Digital Retailing Tool, is out there on Toyota websites on FIRE, matching the summer’s heat. SARA is known to bring in the highest quality lead in the market. As you see here for this Toyota dealer, Digital Retailing is taking home the title this year for their #1 call to action and the race doesn’t look close.

What exactly is Digital Retailing? As we mentioned in our previous blog introducing SARA, it’s a 3-in-1 product that offers a state-of-the-art retail solution for both the dealer and consumer, allowing users to complete the time-consuming steps of the car-buying process online.

Many times as a Toyota Consultant I’ve seen that your typical CTA’s like the Trade-in Tool, the Credit Applications, and Confirm Availability are the top lead drivers on a dealer’s site religiously. Since the start of the Digital Retailing boom, SARA is not only out dueling the top CTAs, but she is lapping them in the race consistently. This Toyota dealer averages about 48 leads per month just from the “Confirm Availability” call to action and ever since implementing SARA the dealer has not only skyrocketed in leads all together but SARA is averaging 75 ADDITIONAL leads per month. Increasing their leads over 30% each month and totaling 489 leads in a 6.5 month time frame!

Digital Retailing Toyota

How is this dealer going to keep up the consistency or stay on FIRE? One of the main reasons is saving customer’s time, since everyone wants to save as much time as they can at the showroom floor. You always hear, “It just takes too long at the dealerships.” It’s something we deal with every day on the lot. When you can walk the customer through a good portion of the buying process all online, you’re going to push them through the funnel easier and quicker. An easier time at the dealership is a happier customer! Congratulations to this Toyota dealership being showcased this month!

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