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Top Converting Tools for Acura Websites

By May 15, 2019July 31st, 2019No Comments
Converting website tools for Acura dealers

With the Acura Certified Program now available with a wide range of website providers, we find that many dealers are asking questions along the lines of, “What converting tools would you recommend we place on our site?” or “What would you say are the TOP tools for an Acura Dealership”?

At the end of the day, one message that should be clear to any dealer is ALWAYS making sure that you brand your converting tools appropriately. Let your customers know there’s a Digital Retailing tool on your website that can save them two hours or more at the dealership! Be aggressive with your tools, after all they are your highest converting lead generators. Now, let’s attack what we feel are your top 3 or best converting tools on an Acura website.

1. Digital Retailing Tool (SARA)

2019 is the year of Digital Retailing. Customers are wanting to spend less and less time in the showroom. This tool does exactly that while providing the customer with the most accurate online payment possible based off a real-time credit soft-pull. While the customer is driving the tool, we at DEP are capturing their trade-in information powered by 3 of the top book values (KBB, BlackBook, and NADA) as well as listing the customer loan match to that trade-in, providing them with real-time incentives. We also understand F&I products are a profit center for any dealership, which is why we tie into all your Maintenance/Extended Warranty package and much, much more. The best part is that all of these tools communicate and speak to one another! Learn more here.

2. Trade-in Tool (eAutoAppraise)

Why have an interactive trade-in tool on your website when you can have the customer fill the form out and get them their value? Well, to answer that question, we’re not living in 2005 anymore. Customers are very tech-savvy and prefer an interactive tool. As the car industry knows, the rule of thumb for a long-winded form is that we see a 95% or higher drop off rate. With our trade-in tool, we also allow you as the dealer to customize the vehicle values. If you want to be less aggressive for that 2009 Nissan Altima and more aggressive for that BMW M3, you can do so by tiers. Dealerships should control their values and what they feel would be the best offer based on their numbers. Adding this to your website will increase your trade-in leads instantly over a form! Watch our 30-second video on eAutoAppraise.

3. Soft Pull Credit Application (eCredit App)

This goes hand in hand with your trade-in tool in regards to a long form versus an interactive tool that will “Pre-Approve” the customer instantly. Our eCredit app plugs into any Acura website and allows your customer to get pre-approved 3 quick steps! Our tool does not require the customers DOB or Social Security #, which leads to a much higher conversion rate. The eCredit app allows dealers to pre-screen every customer in real-time resulting in your CRM receiving soft-pull data immediately. Quit scaring the customer away with a Harry Potter-sized credit form and start pushing them towards your eCredit Soft-Pull app for the highest conversion!

To learn more about our Acura program please click on the link below, we’d love to show you more!


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