#TipTuesday: Should I Have a Spanish Website and Digital Marketing?

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The questions a lot of dealerships are asking themselves today often include “Do we really need a Spanish strategy online?” and “Would the Spanish-speaking demographic really prefer a website just for them?” We’ll talk about how you can benefit from a Spanish website and a few key elements to keep in mind.

Over the last 10-15 years the automotive industry has seen substantial growth in customers with Spanish as their first or main language. According to Automotive News, Hispanic shoppers contributed to nearly 40% and 30% of the total brand growth for Toyota and Nissan in 2014!

The Time is NOW

From 2010 to 2019 the Hispanic population nearly doubled their automobile purchases. If that is not a great indication that the time is NOW, then we don’t know what is! Having that much power in the car industry should absolutely deserve your focus and effort. You’ll start to learn that each demographic has its own preferences, such as if they are more likely to purchase a new vehicle over a used vehicle. It’s time to start catering to a large group of buyers that are increasing their shares in cars purchased each year.

Listen and Learn

Understanding your local Hispanic community and having them purchase a vehicle are two different steps. What should you do to help maximize the potential in selling to the Hispanic consumer? What we need to take in is that the Spanish-speaking demographic are massively engaged on digital platforms, as well as devoted to relatable content. You typically see about half of the Spanish website traffic coming over from organic searches, which is a direct result to them doing their homework before buying a vehicle. You as the dealership need to passionately engage with these customers and earn their trust. Trust goes a long way when allowing the customer to land on a page they understand and can relate too. When you can listen and learn about your customers, you begin to gain their trust.

Make Them Feel at Home

In the past, Honda and Mazda honed in on using digital channels to reach their demographic but the majority of the OEMs primarily focused on educating the consumers about the brand, specs, etc. Allow your dealership to take a more cultural approach by implementing itself with specific behaviors of the Hispanic consumer. This allows the customer to feel “at-home” more so than reading an ad made just to sell new vehicles in general. Engaging them on more of an emotional level can be more important than the specific model itself. Hispanics are more likely to engage with an auto ad if they are more reflective of their culture. That includes incentives that involve properly written and translated Spanish content and deeper dives into their Hispanic community, such as unique holidays. Doing this will ultimately increase your Spanish community brand and create new lead opportunities.

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