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Never Miss a Beat: The New Dealer Report is Here!

By August 13, 2019August 29th, 2019No Comments
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Never Miss a Beat: The new Dealer Report is here!

Are you looking for an automated monthly report that is sent directly to you, can be printed in a professional format, and placed on your boss’s desk or shared with your team? You’re in luck! The new Dealer Report is here!

We created a fresh Dealer Report that will replace the existing report in the Dealer eProcess Dashboard. This new report will compare four months of data, including website analytics, visitors by channel, lead form data, third party integrations, inventory source and analytics, and much more!

The Dealer Report is also a great reference tool for you as the dealer to keep an eye on your current dashboard users, dealer grade, and any products that you are not currently utilizing or products that are brand new to Dealer eProcess! If you’re wondering when it will be time for your yearly homepage redesign, the Dealer Report will always remind you of that as well.

The Dealer Report will automatically be sent to all admins within the dashboard on the first of every month. The report is sent as a PDF which can easily be printed and shared throughout the dealership. The report encourages dealers and dealership reps to set up monthly meeting with their designated account executive. Our account executive team is especially excited for the launch of the Dealer Report because it will help to spark proactive and meaningful conversations with each of their clients.

We want our clients to feel confident in their decisions and knowledgeable about their websites. The Dealer Report gives dealers the information they need to see what’s working and what needs improvement. It also gives us the opportunity to say, “How can we help?” Dealer eProcess is not just a website provider, but a network of resources to help dealerships reach their goals every day. The Dealer Report serves as just one of our many tools that can help us help you. Let’s start today.

If you are a current DEP client and would like to start your training on the all new Dealer Report click here.


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