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The Live Chat Challenge Enters The Final Leg

By April 19, 2012April 24th, 2020No Comments

It’s been a long three weeks but it’s almost the end of the first ever Live Chat Challenge.  We’ve seen some ups and downs, and some big rallies from our 35 challengers but the ride isn’t over yet.   We still have dealers who are just a good day or two away from making a big move towards the top.  No one’s lead is safe.  Check out for all the details up until the end on April 30th.

It all started off with Al Serra in a commanding lead, but that faded in the second week and they now find themselves in a second place battle with one of the rising stars Rivergate Kia.   Can one of them catch the leader, Kingdom Chevy?  Rivergate looks like they’re on pace to do so but we’ve seen some dealers lose steam a bit.  Everybody loves a good Cinderella story but can they pull it off in the end?

They still have a huge pack of dealers right on their trail.  Black Diamond Harley had a great first week but hit a slight slump in week two.  If they can capture some of that first week magic again they could squeeze into the top guys territory.  No lead is safe as we go into the final days of the The Live Chat Challenge.

You can also sign up for the summer Live Chat Challenge now.  No dates are set but spots are limited.  Check out or call 866-566-2666 for details.