Boost Your Dealership’s Organic Ranking with Custom Content

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Staying ahead of the competition when it comes to ranking organically on Google can seem like a never-ending quest. Here at Dealer eProcess, we are going to talk about one strategy that has continued to provide results – Custom Content. Learn more about the importance of having a content strategy and just how powerful it can be!

Creating Evergreen Content

One of the main benefits that custom content articles bring to the table is stable, evergreen content. Dealership websites are filled with rotating information. Every month, if not more often, content is getting changed to reflect inventory updates, current specials, and featured offers. Additionally, these are mainly images or videos, which are difficult for Google to find and rank. 

There are numerous ways to add evergreen content to the website, but custom content articles bring you the best of both worlds. How? Not only do they provide stable text to maximize the website’s SEO presence, but having custom articles added each month also appeals to another Google ranking factor – fresh content. Google does not simply want to see a database of text or articles that are all several years old. It also wants to see that new, relevant information is being added on a regular basis. Doing so shows Google that your site is a current authority — an expert in your industry — and that you are an active participant in your website.

Maximizing Organic Ranking

Back to the ranking factor. One instance where custom content can have some serious ranking benefits is dealership branding outside of your backyard. Even when a dealership is located 25 or 40 miles from a major city, that dealer has a chance to show up for searches based or focusing on that city with the help of geo-targeted custom content. They can even gain a higher position than the closer competition. This kind of visibility is key for a dealership, especially being on the first page of the search results since we know that most consumers don’t go past page one. Articles can also target specific models, such as “Acura TLX Lease options”, as well as service, special finance programs, and much more.  

Dealers who have been consistently adding SEO-optimized content on their site for many years are the ones we now see dominating many different searches, even in a highly competitive area. When it comes to both brand visibility and website traffic, custom content has the ability to provide you the opportunity to achieve visibility in strategic locations outside of where your dealership is located, which is difficult to rank for with a standard website package. Additionally, it can also be used to bump competing dealerships off page one for the city where your dealership is located, minimizing their visibility in your backyard. You may have heard the phrase that organic ranking is a marathon, not a sprint, so the key is to consistently add evergreen content. 

And these are simply a few examples! By combining relevant keywords in the text with titles created for geo-targeted, long-tailed search queries, articles help dealers capture the attention of local shoppers. This generates leads, establishes credibility, and targets competing dealerships. It also helps establish branding, bringing visibility to a dealership’s name. The possibilities are wide open and it all really depends on what your dealership is most looking to accomplish. 

Make it Easy with a Custom Content Package!

Here at Dealer eProcess, our SEO specialists are constantly researching Google trends and testing search results. Organic ranking is a constantly shifting puzzle, which is why we work hard to combine the latest information into our current best practices. While dealers can always write their own content taking into account our suggestions, having a Custom Content package saves you the time and effort! We make dominating organic rankings via Custom Content simple and straightforward. Dealers can choose the number of articles they want to receive each month and topic areas they want to target. 

Our Custom Content is also designed to integrate with our dynamic website platforms. This includes connecting geo-locations within the VDP and SRP, adding articles into our unique Mega Menu, plus our innovative widgets that show current vehicle awards, available inventory, and more!  Articles get added onto a site each and every month, ensuring Google can crawl fresh, relevant content related to that dealership. Content is written by industry experts who combine SEO best practices with OEM compliance and branding for that dealership.

Learn more about how you can boost your dealership’s organic ranking and authority with Custom Content. Dealer eProcess would love to help you create a personalized content strategy today!

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