SPARC up your offer system with DEP’s newest edition to our award-winning lineup of products.

Our Syndicated Payment And Rate Customizer utilizes bank and incentive data to provide REAL payments across your website.

REAL Customized Payments

SPARC syndicates real payments based on dealer-driven criteria.

  • SRP/VDP Payments
  • Shop by Payment
  • Model Landing Pages
  • Specials Pages
  • Digital Marketing Ads
  • Auto-Adjustable Based on Vehicles In-Stock
  • Real Bank Data
dynamic form created from inventory listing

Dynamic Form Creation

SPARC syndicates to your SRP and VDP listings

Display customized finance and lease payment offers that dynamically create a call-to-action form tailored to your shoppers.

Dynamic Model Page Offer Widget

SPARC syndicates to your dynamic pages.

Dynamic model pages are now more dynamic than ever! The finance and lease payments that are driven by real bank data are displayed dynamically on each individual model page.

Whether organically landing on these pages, or being driven by a digital marketing ad, regardless of where your customer is viewing offers, they will experience the same offer across the board.

Nissan vehicle offer displayed on phone screen in landscape orientation

Search by Payment Widget

SPARC even syndicates to your homepage.

The seach by payment widget on your homepage works in conjunction with SPARC as well.
This is just one more way that demonstrates the full syndication of SPARC within your website.

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