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SPARC – Combining Bank Data & Incentives for Easy Payments


Over the past few years research has shown a consistent trend – consumers are spending less and less time at dealerships. Now, with the new changes and challenges in the world, this is even truer than before. This means that your online presence is more crucial than ever, which is why you need SPARC! Dealer eProcess is proud to offer an industry-leading tool that combines real bank data with attention-getting call to actions and an easy lead form.   

SPARC (Syndicated Payment And Rate Customizer) can easily be placed throughout your website for maximum impact and visibility. Attract customers from the moment they land on the homepage with the search-by-payment widget that leads them to actual vehicles currently available at your dealership within their price range.

Once they are on the SRP/VDP, finance/lease CTAs prompt them to take the next step with a dynamic finance/lease offer form.

For paid advertising and user research, dynamic model landing pages also have the offer widget to increase conversions.

The key? SPARC utilizes real bank and incentive data to provide real payments.

Finally, payments made easy! Not just for the customer, but also for you as the dealer. Thanks to a customizable platform you decide on the criteria – mileage on lease, credit score, down payment, and more. Apply these settings to singles vehicles that you really want to highlight more or groups of vehicles based on year, make, model, and trim. Auto-adjust payments based on inventory are also available. Disclaimers are automatically populated along with a simple lead form that gets sent directly to you. These are high-quality, low-funnel leads that your sales team can use right away to easily bring customers toward the final step of purchasing or leasing a vehicle.

Connected auto merchandising is a reality with one point of truth and real payments driven by real bank data. SPARC allows you to provide your customers with the online experience they want in a way that you can easily track and manage. Digital retailing isn’t going away, so make sure you are staying ahead of the curve with a website platform and tools that cater to the online shopping experience!

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