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Responsive Websites

Your customers shop on a multitude of devices. A website from Dealer eProcess goes beyond the typical responsive site by offering Responsive websites with server side elements. Simply put, we deliver a graphical user experience that is optimized for any desktop or mobile device.

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Take Control

Dealers like you are looking for a platform that guarantees compliance, while allowing you to stand out from the competition. With a plethora of site editing tools, the Dealer eProcess platform assures the ultimate in flexibility for handling day-to-day functions of your website. Our content management system is easy to understand and easy for anyone on your team to use.

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Vehicle Shopping Just Got Easier!

The Most Advanced VDP

The vast majority of shoppers buying a vehicle after visiting the dealer’s website do so after examining the Vehicle Details Page (VDP) of one or more vehicles in the dealer’s inventory. The VDP is the most important page on a dealer’s website. Content is king.

This product includes:

  • Largest Photo Size in the Industry
  • eAutoPayments
  • Vehicle Details & Installed Options
  • eAuto Appraise
  • 8 Customizable Pricing Fields
  • Used Vehicle Original MSRP Data
  • Vehicle Inventory Videos
  • 360 Degree Interior and Exterior Views
  • Vehicle Owner Manuals
  • Vehicle Brochures
  • NHTSA Safety Crash Test Ratings
  • Vehicle Green Scores
  • Vehicle Awards & Accolades
  • Vehicle Window Stickers
  • Customized Thank You Pages
  • Automated Incentives and Specials Program
  • Similar Vehicles
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Dynamic Call Tracking on New and Used
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Advanced VDP

Vehicle Pricing, Spanish website

Vehicle Pricing

Dealer eProcess’ new Vehicle Pricing Manager gives your dealership precise control over rebates and incentives on the Search Results Pages (SRP) and Vehicle Details Pages (VDP). The vehicle pricing tool also provides options to display any necessary restrictions related to rebates and other incentives.

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eAuto Appraise

How much is my trade-in worth? Powered by NADAguides and CreditMiner, customers will not only know what their car is worth, but they will also get pre-approved in REAL TIME with a firm offer of credit via the industry’s top credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax, Experian. This one of a kind tool gives dealers the ultimate control over the value offer for any vehicle, connects to new vehicle incentives & special programs, displays live dealer inventory matches while giving the consumers the ability to upload pictures or video of their trade-in. 100% responsive web design with full reporting.

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Easy Site Navigation

Mega Menus

The best possible website navigation is the key to a dealers’ conversion rate. SEO value is greatly increased when Google connects your most important content to the menu of your website. Mega Menus provide the ultimate navigation advancement for optimized, heavy-content websites. Mega Menus allow massive amounts of content while providing a quicker connection to inventory, coupons, videos, shopping tools, and research information.

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Mega Menus

Who Is Visiting Your Website?

iSpy header



Imagine knowing every move a customer makes on your website. Dealer eProcess’ iSPY is a REAL-TIME digital magnifying glass, identifying customers’ vehicle interests and activity. iSPY sends alerts to your CRM at the moment customers are navigating your website, giving you the perfect opportunity to make your connection. iSPY dealers increase customer connectivity rates 500% versus your ordinary BDC process.

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Dealer Watch

Competitor Monitoring

Who are the top performing car dealers in your market? Choose 5 of them and benchmark your reviews versus theirs in real time. Spying on a competitor has never been so easy. Figure out quickly where your dealership needs to move the review needle.

Dealer Watch Competitor Monitoring

Dealer Watch Review Monitoring

Review Monitoring / Management

Reviews are a great way to monitor your customer service and your competitors. Our platform enables dealers to see their reviews in real time, in ONE location, for all of the most important auto related review websites such as: Google, Yelp, DealerRater, Edmunds, Cars.com and many more. Respond to reviews online and demonstrate that your dealership cares about the customer to drive loyalty and referral business.

Social Media Monitoring

People may be talking behind your back, but at least you will know it! It’s time to get into the conversation, and our platform will enable you to do exactly that. All of the most important social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp, Google+ and many more are all accessible in ONE location for you to monitor, and respond!

Dealer Watch Social Media Monitoring

Dealer Watch Local SEO Tracking

Local SEO Tracking

The most overlooked part of SEO is Local Listings on the internet. Most car dealer’s local listings are a train-wreck to say the least. “Why doesn’t my dealership show up when someone types in ‘Chicago Toyota Dealer’?” See where your store listings show up in the search engine results pages for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yellow Pages. ONE platform can search and identify both your main domain and individual store pages. Identify all of the problems with your local listings all in from ONE platform. Track improvement over time with user-friendly charts and graphs.

Media Management

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How do you manage the pictures being posted about your dealership all over the internet? Our platform now makes this easy! Our platform will gather pictures tagged to each store from across the social web, including Instagram, Yelp, Google, etc, and display them in ONE convenient location.

Dealer Watch Media Management

More Than Just Chatter

Dealer Managed Chat

Dealerships will have the ability to log in to the industry’s best user interface via desktop computer or mobile app and manage live chats by department initiated from a customer requesting help on the website.

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Managed Chat

24/7 Proactive Managed Chat

Dealer eProcess manages all chats for all departments 24/7 365 days a year on behalf of the dealership. This requires no dealer hiring, training or managing of additional personnel. Dealer eProcess was the first to market with an automotive specific managed solution, so we are pretty good at it!

Dealerships will have the ability to log in to a secure dashboard and review chats that were performed by dealer specific live chat agents from Dealer eProcess . Let us do the heavy lifting.

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Live Chat

Hybrid Chat

Some dealerships like to perform their own chat, and we like that. But, most dealers aren’t available 24/7 365. We can be your backup when your team
is not available! Your dealership will have the ability to watch chats happen in real time while also having the ability to “jump in” and take over the chat from Dealer eProcess trained live chat agents. This style of chat allows the dealership to have the best of both worlds and 24/7 365 live chat coverage.

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Hybrid Chat

Advanced Diagnostics for Your Website

Advanced Reporting

We know it can be challenging to connect all of the metrics behind a website and how that equates to vehicle sales. We do it for you. One login onto a site built by Dealer eProcess will provide you the answers to your Google Analytics, Search Engine Marketing, VDP reporting, lead counts and conversion rates by device type. Our unique Website Grader utilizes an algorithm based on industry best practices to inform you of everything that is going right on your website at all times, and alerts you to areas needing attention. When the lights are green, everything’s a go! That’s making it easy.

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Advanced Reporting image 1
Advanced Reporting image 2

The Proof Is In the Performance

Website Grader

Is your website being utilized to its full potential? Each Dealer eProcess website features a built in Website Grader. This tool uses a proprietary algorithm that lets you know what areas of your website need attention and what opportunities you may be missing!

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Website Grader

A Responsive, Dedicated Team

Dealer eProcess is not just another website vendor. When we take the reigns of your website, we become your partner. What good is a responsive website if you don’t have a “responsive” support team standing behind it? We provide our dealers with high-level support, including providing you with a dedicated Performance Manager. Each Performance Manager is Google Certified and well-prepared to have a strategic conversation with your dealership, from understanding the analytics behind your performance to ensuring easy interaction with our technical support team.

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Dedicated team

Managing your website.

We Make It Easy!

The future of the automotive industry has arrived, and you need a website provider that offers a responsible, yet RESPONSIVE solution. Your customers are looking for a great user experience that is optimized for the multitude of devices being utilized today. Dealer eProcess is the only provider with a solution that lets the dealer choose their platform – the Next Generation of Responsive Websites or a Custom Adaptive Website solution.

With Dealer eProcess’ variety of innovative offerings, the keys will truly be in the customer’s hands navigating the most advanced VDP in the automotive industry. Show your customers how transparent your dealership is with eAutoPayments and eAuto Appraise. Make it easy while navigating your website with Dealer eProcess’ Vehicle Configurator, which gives your customers the ability to build their dream car! Site Search and Mega Menus will also assist in easy browsing for your customers, so they will always get what they are looking for. Today’s customers are on the move more than ever, why not give them what they are looking for? Your customers will be able to chat at any time of the day with 24/7 proactive managed chat.

What are you doing to market your website? Digital AMMP is your key to success allowing inventory based search ads, remarketing, display, YouTube and video pre-roll, content engineering services, SEO, and infographics – we make it easy optimizing and marketing your website for you. iSpy will also give your dealership the perfect opportunity to increase your customer connectivity rates, and make your BDC process more efficient.

You need a website with the highest conversion on both desktop and mobile devices. With tools such as Dealer eProcess’ Website Grader and Advanced Reporting, you will receive just that. You demand transparency into every number and every penny spent, with accountability at the individual vehicle level. You want the best support in the industry at no extra cost, while guaranteeing ultimate flexibility. Dealer eProcess makes it easy for you.

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