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Social Strategy – Facebook Ads Best Practices for Car Dealers

By May 21, 2019June 6th, 2019No Comments

When done correctly Facebook Ads can bring thousands of in-market shoppers to your website every month. Here are our top three tips to help you run an effective Facebook advertising campaign.

1. Know the basic Facebook terms before you start spending money.

Make sure that you learn some of the key terms to get the most out of your Facebook advertising budget. Some of the most important ones include reach, impressions, relevancy score, frequency, cost per click vs cost per unique click, and cost per landing page view vs cost per unique landing page view. You can view Facebook’s full Glossary of Ad Terms to learn more.

Are you familiar with a Lookalike Audience on Facebook? If you have at least one foot in the door in the digital marketing world you have probably heard this term.

According to Facebook, “When you create a Lookalike Audience, you choose a source audience (a Custom Audience created with your pixel data, your mobile app data or fans of your Page) and we identify the common qualities of the people in it (ex: demographic information or interests). Then we find people who are similar to (or “look like”) them.”

Sounds cool right? But when using a lookalike audience you can only target by country or major region. If you’re a dealer located in Chicago, Illinois, how does targeting the entire United States help you? It doesn’t. So, while using lookalike audiences may be all the rage for e-commerce, we generally do not recommend it for auto dealerships.

2. Always have fresh and relevant content.

Some of the best-performing Facebook Ads for car dealers are carousel ads. These can feature up to 10 vehicles per ad and allow you to share the specific photo, price, YMM, and trim level for each car you choose to feature. This is a great way to show the wide variety of inventory that you offer. Each of these vehicles can link to that specific VDP on your website. When that car sells, the link redirects to your complete inventory (or a 404 depending on your website provider!). And that can be a little frustrating for a potential customer who is interested in that specific vehicle. So, keep your featured vehicles fresh and change them out or stop the ad if needed.

3. Test, learn, and optimize.

Until you have your targeting down and perfected, Facebook ads are not something you can start and walk away from. There is a process to Facebook advertising that must be learned, tested, and optimized before you’ll see great results. One of the great features that Facebook offers to help with this is Split Testing. It allows you to compare different versions of your ads so you can see what works best and improve future campaigns. Once you have perfected your ads, targeting, and audience, you can bring thousands of people to your website for as low as .10 – .20 cents each!

If this all sounds overwhelming, we’d be happy to help! Contact Dealer eProcess to schedule a consultation to learn about our Facebook VDP Remarketing.

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