BMW Dealer News: Social Media Heavyweights

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BMW Social Media image

Social media is not just about what the dealership posts online. Far fewer than 20% of all BMW owners and enthusiasts contribute over 80% of the online posts about the brand and its vehicles. Gaining one of these social media heavyweights as an advocate for your store can be a huge win resulting in dozens of future referrals.

A number of BMW enthusiast websites exist, independent of BMW itself. Some casual scanning of these sites can provide an indication of where contributors and commenters are from. Identifying and engaging with even a few can start a valuable relationship for fixed operations as well as future sales.

Even when the relationship begins online, many of the successes coming from these relationships may not happen online at all. Strong enthusiasts of the brand and the store often contribute as an advocate offline as well.BMW Social Media image

There are other ways to engage with these sites. Some offer sponsorship opportunities. Others offer advertising space. While it may not make sense to advertise to every BMW enthusiast in the nation, it does make sense to advertise to those in your market or who have been shopping on your website. That is the case for Competition BMW in the ad below.

The ad only shows up for relevant shoppers, and the dealer only pays for the ad when it is click on and sends the shopper to the dealer’s site. Competition BMW of Smithtown utilizes Dealer eProcess’ Premier package for Digital Advertising and Premium Website package. Both are BMW certified and covered by the co-op program.

Here are some of the more popular sites exclusively for BMW enthusiast:

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