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Selling Parts & Accessories Online, Missed Opportunity!

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Sixteen of my twenty three years in the auto industry were actually spent in the service department. I had worked every job from washing cars, parts delivery, parts counterman, service advisor, service manager to an eventual service director. Twenty three years later, the needs of parts shoppers have not changed.

There are two types of customers when it comes to vehicle accessories and parts purchases: Proactive drivers buying for the season, modify and routine maintenance, while reactive ones purchase parts or repairs. So what has changed you ask? According to a recent study by Google, 7 out of 10 drivers start their purchase process online. Today we will look at what tools have an impact on their decisions and hopefully a car dealer or two can win some parts digital business.

How customer purchase parts


  • 76% of purchasers visited multiple parts websites prior to purchase.

  • 79% made a parts purchase within one week.


Key Stat – 33% of drivers actively look for vehicle parts VIDEOS online. This is where a car dealer can really move the needle. Here are some ideas for videos below.

  • Do it yourself videos

  • Product videos

  • Professional review videos

  • Customer testimonials and reviews

  • TV ads online

  • Racing or sports videos

Is there a particular accessory that is selling in your market worth shooting a video for on installation? Here’s a good example – http://www.youtube.com/user/BlinkPhotoGalleries?feature=watch

Don’t forget to make sure whatever platform you are using to show your videos, you have a mobile website that allows consumers to view it. Here’s why:

Mobile Devices Parts Shopping Process

Price Shopping

Here’s The Tip – Consumers research online and make decisions quickly. Having a 24-7 digital presence is critical to catching consumers while they are deciding. Provide potential customers with instructional and product videos to bring your offerings to life, and make sure it includes mobile!

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