How To Sell a Car Out of the Service Department

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How many dealers have a full-proof strategy to sell a car from the service department? How many salesman stalk, annoy, hound, or solicit random customers that drive into the service lane on a daily basis?

The problem with most car dealers when it comes to selling a car from the service department is having a strategy in place that is easy and scalable. I normally don’t write tips of the month that are product promotions, but for this tip, I can’t help myself, this is just too easy and a complete no-brainer.

If you are reading my article, I am going to share a product with you that you WILL NOT find any information about anywhere on the internet outside of this article at the time it was written. The name of the product is called ServiceMiner.

productSo what is it, how does it work, and what’s the strategy?

Before I get into the details, let’s cover some basics in a step by step format. ServiceMiner is a software application that can be utilized by ANY device in the service lane. So if your salesman has a cell phone, he or she is good to go. If the dealership has an available iPad, that’s even better.

Step 1

The salesperson simply logs into ServiceMiner through their dedicated login, which tracks their opportunities for service customers on the day they are assigned to work the service lane.

Step 2

The salesperson logs customers into the application with a simple name, address, phone number and email address (hopefully the same accurate information found on your service RO).

Step 3

Press the submit button, and then let the magic happen!

Step 4

Find out all the information listed below about this customer listed below in REAL TIME whether they purchased this vehicle from you, or even a direct competitor!!!!!

  • Customers Credit Score (Transunion, Equifax)
  • Current Monthly Payment (Up to 5 Loans)
  • Current APR (Up to 5 Loans)
  • Loan Balance
  • Revolving Debt % Utilized
  • Late Count In Last 24 Months
  • Total Hard Auto Inquires In Last 24 Months

I think from what you see above, there is enough information here for the salesperson to perform a REAL TIME PRE-SCREEN using REAL TIME data to help determine who they can help sell a car to and who they can’t! I guess this also means we will actually know who we should talk to and who we shouldn’t.

If you are wondering how we are getting all of this information about a customer and whether or not if this is even legal? Are we making a hard credit inquiry? Risk Based Pricing Notice? PFAC Red Flag? Privacy Notice? I know, I’m reading your mind. The answer is simple – the soft pull is going to revolutionize and change the way we attack our business in every single department. This time I am talking to you about service; next month, I will share with you the strategy on the showroom floor. This product is currently available for United States dealers only.


Here’s The Tip: Dealers are always looking for a way to sell more cars from their service department but fail to implement a simple, fair and scalable strategy. Well, now you have one: ServiceMiner.

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