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Dynamic SEM/PPC

Dynamic Search Engine Marketing Leaders


Let us turn your own vehicle inventory into an unstoppable force of inventory-specific ads! Our proprietary dynamic inventory-based advertising system syncs up flawlessly with your inventory database, and generates ads for each specific vehicle on your lot. That means the ad served is the ad that fits their needs, which reduces the frequency of unwanted and unqualified clicks. This keeps your SEM costs down and your conversion rates up, and sets us apart from other SEM vendors.

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Target your competition, dominate your area, and protect your brand with our Custom Foundation Search Campaigns. Using your dealership’s unique selling proposition, we will create an ad campaign that targets real car buyers in your area, and force them to visit your showroom before anyone else’s! Our strategy gives you the ability to force your competition as far off of the page as possible so that you are the only dealer the customer sees. Our advanced geo-targeting also allows us to not only dominate your home base, but gives you the option to spread your influence to areas where you can gain more market share. These campaigns are a crucial part of a strong marketing plan, and will allow you to remain in front of the competition no matter where the customer’s searching!

Targeted SEM Campaigns include:
Geographic Conquest; Name Protection; Competitor Conquest,
Service & Parts Campaigns; Finance campaigns and more.
Sales Funnel Distribution



Engage car shoppers in all stages of the buying funnel.


Look BIG to every shopper who visits your website. We will create and serve ads that will follow your prospects around the web after they visit your site, displaying an engaging message designed to draw them back to you. Remarketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to spread brand awareness amongst your target market and stay on the customer’s mind throughout every stage of the car buying process.

Display Advertising

Whether you want a campaign designed for dealership branding, or something event-driven or model specific, we can do it. We’ll design and place a targeted digital ad on hundreds of websites. And unlike traditional media, your prospects are only a click away from visiting you. You will find this to be a more cost-effective way of advertising, with a proven ROI.

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Make your website come to life.

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Impact your website visitors with instant offers and incredible graphics. We offer a monthly service that keeps your homepage looking great and puts your best offers where your prospects can see them the instant they visit your website.

Supersale Specials Pages


How many times have you clicked on your own specials page, only to find that there was nothing showing up? Now you can enlist our help to graphically display your best monthly offers in one, easy-to-find page from your pull-down menu. And we do all the hard work!

Service Page Maintenance, coupon for service

Service Page Maintenance

Your customers want coupons and they want them now! We offer a turnkey service that keeps your service & parts coupon page offers fresh and appropriate for the season/time-of-year. And they look good on mobile, as well!


Marketing Services


Video is king. If you want to rule the digital world, or at least the part that affects car shoppers in your geographic area, then our video pre-roll placement strategies can provide the boost you are looking for. And if they click ‘skip’, it’s free!

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There are many things our IT Engineers can accomplish that can bring stealth-level strategies to your dealership to produce phenomenal results. We combine SEO techniques with visual and distribution strategies that can multiply the SEO effectiveness of your website marketing.

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Imagine having one, easy-to-navigate dealer dashboard, where you can view metrics on everything from Search Marketing to Remarketing, Inventory-Specific Ads, Display Advertising, and more. You can even listen to recordings of all calls that came into your dealership from your digital advertising, so you can assess your team’s ability to close the deal! The Dealer eProcess dashboard is your One-Stop-Shop for all of the information you need relating to the success of your online marketing strategy.

Understand Your Sales Funnel

When it comes to optimizing your digital ad dollars, you must first understand how to market to your sales funnel. With our new reporting dashboard, you’ll not only know the best marketing tools to reach shoppers in different stages of the sales funnel, but you’ll know how to optimize your budget for each section of the funnel.

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Measure all Marketing Channels

With our new marketing overview, we’re able to display metrics across multiple marketing channels. Using this data, we can now come up with an optimal marketing mix for all different marketing outlets. Whether it’s Google, Bing, or other 3rd party lead sources, you’ll always know where you’re getting your best return on investment.

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Comprehensive Overview

Measure your traffic at the deepest level and truly understand your customers. Using a data mixture from both paid and organic sources, our new analytics overview takes the guesswork out of measuring your site activity. Get a complete snapshot of all important metrics; including cost per SRP and VDP. Having this data will ensure that you will never be “flying blind” with your marketing efforts.



Over the years, Digital AMMP has earned recognition as a top-tier marketing platform; not only in the automotive industry, but across the entire digital marketing arena. This recognition has allowed us to form powerful partnerships with the top players in the industry: Google & Yahoo/Bing.


Our partnership with Google has given us the opportunity to expand our platform in ways that truly benefit our clients and keep them ahead of the game. Through this partnership, we gain access to systems and services that give us the ability to make our clients’ accounts reach their highest potentials. Whether it’s working with Google to beta test a great new ad feature, or simply working through our partnership channels to expedite account changes and upgrades, working directly with Google helps us maintain the highest levels of quality for our clients, and achieve ever greater ROI’s!


Our partnership with Yahoo/Bing is one that will give our clients access to an extremely cost effective, and often overlooked, marketing outlet. Customers on Yahoo/Bing are not only more affluent and have overall higher incomes, but can often times be reached more effectively than through other marketing media. This Yahoo/Bing partnership is another tool in our arsenal that we can use to efficiently spread out our clients’ budgets to make sure that the optimal mix of ad spend is constantly being achieved.

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Having a dynamic website is an important piece of the puzzle, but ensuring that your website is constantly being visited by highly qualified visitors is what will cause your sales to soar! Digital AMMP is the automotive digital marketing division of Dealer e Process, and has been consistently rated as a top SEM/PPC provider in the industry by Driving Sales. Digital AMMP is a system created by dealers, for dealers, and it is the last digital marketing solution you will ever need.

By employing the nation’s best IT and web professionals, we take the guesswork out of internet/web marketing. Our turnkey marketing solutions MAKE IT EASY. Let Digital AMMP drive the customers to your site while you focus on doing what you do best as a dealer: Selling Cars!

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