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Same PPC Budget, 116% Lead Increase

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Honda of Pasadena Case Study – PPC

Honda of Pasadena came to the Digital AMMP team with a very specific problem. They had a very active PPC account, but the number of leads being generated by their campaigns did not seem to be at a level that justified the money they were spending.

After taking control of the account, we dove in and scoured through the data; trying to discover the flaws in the campaign that were hurting overall conversions. After a thorough investigation, we were able to find the main reason why the campaigns had not been converting at a high rate.

What we found was that Honda of Pasadena’s old PPC vendor had no specific ad scheduling, and was running paid ads on a 24/7 basis. Their targeting was good and the overall data seemed sound, but their ads were running all day and night. Because of this, nearly half of the dealer’s daily budget would be gone before the most active users started searching for a dealer.

With our proprietary PPC Lead Heat Map (below), we can see that there are very specific hours of the day that produce the most leads for our dealers. Using this data, we then make sure that our clients’ ad schedules coincide with those productive times. This greatly reduces wasted ad spend, and focuses our clients’ budgets on high-converting traffic.

PPC Heatmap

For Honda Of Pasadena, the results that came after changing the ad schedule were staggering. As you can see from the data below, Honda of Pasadena experienced a 116% increase in leads with the same PPC budget!

Honda of Pasadena PPC

As it would turn out, the majority of Honda of Pasadena’s leads came between the hours of 7:00AM and 10:00PM. By creating an ad schedule that matched this pattern, leads were increased without having to increase our dealer’s budget.

Knowing exactly who to target with your paid search ads is one thing, but knowing exactly WHEN to target someone makes all the difference. By concentrating your budget on the most productive hours of the day, you can ensure that you reach the most qualified users, bring in the most leads, keep cost per lead as low as possible, and limit wasted ad spend.

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