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Sam Vukas Named Chief Operations Officer

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Sam Vukas Named Chief Operations Officer

Dealer eProcess announced that Sam Vukas has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer, effective immediately.  Vukas succeeds David Page, who has recently separated from the company.

Vukas brings a combination of extensive knowledge and technology, driving operations improvement into the automotive space.  Alongside Chief Sales Officer, Gino Cipperoni, both Vukas and Cipperoni will lead Dealer eProcess into a new decade with great leadership and the award-winning support and technology, Dealer eProcess is poised for even greater success.

“Vukas takes the reins of Dealer eProcess during a time of growth for both our company and dealer partners.  Along with his passion and vision, he possesses the precise balance of skills and experience to incite operational results and development.  Sam will be instrumental to the progression of Dealer eProcess’ new strategic plan to be the best in our company’s history,” said Joe Gillespie, CEO of Dealer eProcess.

Prior to his appointment as COO, Vukas served as the Director of Business Development and Innovation at Dealer eProcess.  While in this role, Vukas led the team in developing the award-winning Digital Retailing solution, SARA, into Dealer eProcess’ extensive lineup of a full digital ecosystem for automotive dealers.

“I’m thrilled to be leading this incredible company,” said Sam Vukas, “working alongside our talented team and automotive vendor partners, I am committed to the growth and value of our company and products.  As one of the top website and digital marketing companies in the automotive space, Dealer eProcess will continue to make a difference for the online experience.  I am energized to help lead Dealer eProcess to the next phase of excellence and continued success.”

About Sam Vukas

Sam Vukas had a love for automotive that began at a very young age.  He started by rebuilding wrecked vehicles with his father in their garage and aspired to be an automotive technician.  As soon as he could, he got a job as a porter in hopes to be around the technicians and try to learn more.  From there he quickly decided he wanted to work in service but not as a technician.  He worked his way up from porter to dispatcher, then warranty administrator, next to assistant service manager, and eventually Fixed-Ops Director.  After working in the dealership for years, he decided he wanted a new challenge and joined the DEP team in 2015, overseeing business development and innovation. In that role, Sam Vukas served automotive dealerships by identifying new ideas and best practices to accelerate their growth and grow the overall value to the shoppers.

About Dealer eProcess

Dealer eProcess is the industry leader in automotive websites and digital marketing company with employees across the United States. Dealer eProcess has won dozens of awards and is recognized by the experts as the most technologically-superior website, digital marketing, digital retailing, and DMS attribution solution for automotive dealers.  Dealer eProcess is headquartered just outside of Chicago, IL, and has offices in Washington and Arizona.  You can learn more about Dealer eProcess on their website: