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How Will Right to Repair Impact Your Store?

By February 12, 2014April 24th, 2020No Comments

Whether you are in sales or service, your store’s ability to compete with independent service shops and chains has a huge impact on your future. Now that the Massachusetts version of Right to Repair is going to be adopted nationally, manufacturers will no longer be able to provide dealers with a competitive advantage. Independents will have equal access to online information. By 2018, manufacturers will no longer be able to develop systems requiring proprietary equipment for diagnostic testing.

Leading dealers are already fighting back with aggressive pricing on key items, rapid parts delivery systems, fantastic service, and a new focus on marketing service. The result is far more service business, more customer relationships, and record vehicle sales. Franchised dealers can compete with independent service providers, but it requires great marketing, great systems, and execution to match. The deal isn’t finalized yet, but it’s close. How will your store fair in months and years ahead?


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