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For years now, website developers and marketing agencies have all been saying the same things: “Mobile is everything”, “Your site must be a responsive dealer website”, “Digital advertising must be tracked at the deepest level”, etc. The problem here is that everything is being viewed from a technological and functional standpoint, but there is one crucial element that is consistently being overlooked: People!

Now I want to be clear, the technologies and tools used to market your dealership are hugely important. Yes, your site should respond to any screen size. Yes, mobile is a rapidly growing platform. Yes, you need to be able to track all leads coming from your digital marketing efforts. But we cannot forget the people we are trying to communicate with. And when we look at the data, there is a huge segment of your market you are completely ignoring: Hispanics.

The Hispanic, Spanish speaking population of this country is growing more rapidly than any other demographic; and their purchasing power is growing just as quickly. After we look at the numbers, you’re going to see why you need to stop ignoring the Hispanic community, and start reaching out to them in the best way possible: with a complete Spanish site (not just a translated version of your English site) and a full Spanish paid search campaign.

Stats-1Don’t Fight The Trends

Here is a breakdown of the critical statistics you need to know when it comes to the importance of reaching the Hispanic community:

  • At this time, Latinos control $1 trillion in spending power in the US. This number is expected to grow 42% by 2017.
  • 17% of the total US population is Hispanic (53 million people) – 2010 Census. That number is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.
  • The median age across the Hispanic community is 27.6—meaning going forward, this rapidly growing demographic is going to become an even bigger part of your market.
  • According to Google, over 30% of online media consumption in the US is conducted by searchers who use both Spanish and English interchangeably.
  • Hispanics are spending, on average, 16 hours per week browsing the internet; comparable to the 18 hours spent by the total US online population.
  • A searcher whose interface language is set to Spanish will NEVER see your English language ads, even if they perform an English search.
  • Hispanic searchers who communicate exclusively in Spanish tend to share more promotional and high equity content than those who prefer to communicate in English, and even more still than general population influencers.

Let’s just let that sink in for a second…particularly the part about Hispanics controlling $1 trillion!

Now that we understand that we are missing a large portion of our market, let’s take a look at what we can do about it, and why NOW is the time to get the tools in place to reach Spanish speaking customers.

Fully Custom, All Spanish Website

Buscar su Chevrolet

Many of you out there have the capability to translate your site from English to Spanish at the click of a button (thanks Google Translate!). However, when we look at how real Spanish speakers react to a site that is merely a translation of an English site, we see that this is definitely not the best way to go.

Studies have been performed to see how natural Spanish speakers react to basic translation of a website (i.e. the kind you have now). There were a few key findings that I’d like to point out.

First, it has been shown that direct translation can polarize some members of a community as it results in an inauthentic voice.  When you use simple translation tools, the voice of the site changes to something that sounds broken and incoherent to a native speaker. This is viewed as something off-putting and actually does more harm than good.

Second, when we look at the data, acculturated Hispanics tend to prefer Spanish advertising, labeling, and signage for informative reasons, but also because they feel respected (57%) by companies that demonstrate appreciation of their heritage and culture through Spanish advertising and dedicated Spanish websites. They exhibit greater loyalty to these brands (53%). More surprisingly, Hispanic adults who are English dominant and consume media in advertising, also tend to perceive companies that market and advertise in Spanish positively; not for their utilitarian benefits, but for deeper emotional implications such as “respect of my heritage” (29%) and “appreciation for my culture” (26%). Simply using Google Translate tells these users that you want to offer them a good experience, but don’t want to put in the time and effort to do it right.

Having a Spanish site built from the ground up to reach out to this large and affluent demographic allows you to communicate to this group in a way that your competitors are not. This gives you a huge leg up in your marketplace; not just now, but years from now as you begin to develop a solid reputation amongst the Hispanic community in your area. If we look at the data, we see that Hispanic searchers who communicate exclusively in Spanish tend to share more promotional and high equity content than those who prefer to communicate in English, and even more still than general population influencers. This means that building a Hispanic following today has a very good chance of growing into a very strong referral network as years go on.

Currie Chevy en Espanol

The bottom line here is that if you look to the future, you will see that more and more businesses will have full Spanish sites. Getting to the party early gives you a chance to dominate this growing market, and make it difficult for your competition to catch up once they finally get on board.

Spanish Paid Search


Once you begin to understand that you need to have a full Spanish site built to effectively reach this demographic, the question then becomes, “How do I get them to this new site?” It’s an important piece of the puzzle, but fortunately it’s a simple fix: Spanish Paid Search.

Spanish language paid search offers a huge opportunity to reach users who are only searching in Spanish and do it in a way that is extremely cost effective. If we look at the data, we see that, on average, dealers’ average cost per click for a Spanish language search campaign is between 100%-200% lower than the CPC of an English paid search campaign. This means that you can effectively reach this audience with a much smaller budget, while still maintaining a high rate of return.

Not only does Spanish language paid search cost less than English paid search, but it also allows you to be first to market in an area often overlooked by traditional marketing. Traditional media sources – especially radio, magazines, and newspapers – see higher levels of consumption in Spanish than digital media, but Spanish speakers are very active online. This gap is likely due to a deficiency in the availability of Spanish-language digital media, which may lead consumers who prefer Spanish to engage with English media first. Offering reliable Spanish-language resources may be a good way to reach some under-served Hispanic communities.

Here’s the Tip: Dealer eProcess can help get you in front of the Hispanic population in your community. Our custom built, full Spanish sites are designed to perfectly reach Spanish speaking shoppers in a way that most appeals to them. And when our Spanish language sites are coupled with a Spanish language paid search campaign, your business will be able to grow just as rapidly as the Hispanic community itself. Be the first in your area to truly reach the Hispanic demographic.

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