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Automotive Marketing Facts: Periodic Site Reviews

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Periodic Site Reviews preview

Periodic Site Reviews

TRANSCRIPT: We all know dealer websites cannot be left to chance, but Jenna, what should dealers be reviewing with their website performance manager? The dealer and performance manager should go over the site metrics together. Are the number of VDPs going up or down and how does that break down by new, used, certified, and one-owner vehicles? Then we look for causal things. Is this increase or decrease impacted by a change in site visitors and what has changed to cause that? Has the number of VDPs impacted the number of phone leads, chat leads, and email form leads? What is the conversion rate for the site and how does that breakdown across sales, finance, service, and parts? We can see what the dealer is doing in terms of cost per click, but we can also see the cost per lead associated with paid search. Some dealers focus more on used vehicles, some more on service, the site review needs to be tailored to what’s important to that dealer. The dealer needs transparency into everything, not just to see if Key Performance Indicators are going up or down, but to see why, and that’s a fact.