Parts and Service Insights

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There’s a lot to consider when looking at your dealership’s parts and service center. Learn more about the top things we think you need to know! You can also download the Google Critical Mix Fixed Ops Study here.

4 in 10 start their fixed ops journey with MOBILE

And among mobile shoppers, search is the First and Most Helpful source they turn to for information

1 in 3 DIFM shoppers do DIY research before

And of those who took their vehicle in for brakes or battery service, over half researched how to do the repair themselves.

57% of DIFM considering their dealer, also cross-shopped

So while close to half of DIFM shoppers consider servicing at the dealer, more than 1 in 2 still shop around.

8 in 10 fixed ops shoppers were REPEAT customers

And of those that went to a franchise dealer or auto parts retail/service center, the % was even higher.

Less than 10% buy online

Instead of the majority transact offline — 35% went to an auto parts store or service center, 25% went to an independent repair shop, and 19% percent went to the dealer.

HALF call directly from a search result

As they search for things like: the OEM (29%), parts (20%), repair shops (18%), local dealerships (18%), and auto part retailers (13%).

42% watched video to determine if they could do the repair

Video isn’t just for DIYers — it can also assist fixed ops shoppers in determining their maintenance approach.

More than 1 in 3 took action after watching a video

Of those that watched video — 36% scheduled an appointment or visited a service/parts retailer and 29% realized they need to buy additional parts to do the repair.

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