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Paid Search Rising in Popularity for Auto Manufacturers

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With well over 100 billion+ searches per month on Google alone, it is important to stay proactive in your Search Engine Marketing efforts. Every day, more and more customers are using Google as their starting point when beginning to shop for a new car. Using proven SEM methodologies, Dealer eProcess ensures ads show to the right customers at the right time; increasing conversions and bringing new customers to the website.

Automotive Manufacturers is one of the most competitive categories in Paid Search. According to AdGooroo research, there were 177 automotive manufacturer sites sponsoring keywords on U.S. Google Desktop/Tablet in January and February, 2014. Of those, the top 20 sites (representing approximately 11%) drove 81% of 11.7 million of the 14.4 million paid search clicks in the category during the period.

The screenshot below shows the importance of Mobile advertising, as Chevrolet bids on the keyword “dodge challenger”:


Courtesy of AdGooroo

AdGooroo also reported highly uneven Share of Voice data for Desktop/Tablet among Auto Manufacturers in January/February 2014. When and are combined, though, they controlled the greatest Share of Voice. Share of Voice refers to how much space or how many impressions your ad(s) are getting versus other manufacturers or dealers running ads in the same place. Share of Voice data can help you keep an eye on your competition and help determine where your money is best spent for advertising.


Once again, there is a shift between Auto Manufacturers placing importance on Mobile over Desktop/Tablet advertising and keyword search. The following chart shows that while the top performers in Mobile Search are similar to Desktop/Tablet, the order has slightly changed and some new manufacturers are controlling a larger Share of Voice ( and, according to AdGooroo.


Mobile Search has taken on greater importance for auto manufacturers due to changing consumer behaviors. Car shoppers now use their mobile device to compare models and prices. Since mobile searches are becoming more and more popular, Dealer eProcess optimizes mobile ads in addition to desktop and tablet. Seeing the shift from Desktop to Mobile in Auto Manufacturers can help dealerships set off on the right foot in their Google advertising and keyword bidding strategies.

Automotive-Manufacturer-Desktop-vs.-Mobile-Ranking-Jan-Feb-2014-AdGoorooLearn more about what the Dealer e Process Internet Marketing can do for you.