Our Leads Are Better Than Yours

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When it comes to delivering high-quality, consistent leads, the industry-leading platform at Dealer eProcess makes one thing clear: our leads are better than yours. Backed by both advanced technology and innovative tools, Dealer eProcess allows you to take control of your website – while delivering unrivaled conversion on all devices.

It all starts with an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand dealer Dashboard, where a full lead breakdown is displayed for every aspect of your dealership – and for all four lead types. Whether it’s an email lead for new car sales, a chat lead regarding financing, a phone lead with a general inquiry, or a text lead for the service department, dealers can quickly and easily access detailed summaries, tracking, conversion, and more.

LeadsEven better, the lead information available in the Dashboard puts powerful reporting and lead data right at your fingertips. With Dealer eProcess, you can identify if a lead was generated on an SRP or VDP. You can discover whether a lead came from a desktop computer or mobile device, and more than that, see the exact device and browser your customer was using. If a lead was made by phone, you can listen to the lead directly in the Dashboard. Full chat transcripts, including the page a customer started chatting on, are also included.

For leads generated by eAutoAppraise and the Virtual Credit Consultant – two innovative examples of Dealer eProcess’ advanced third-party integration – that information goes a step further, and puts everything you need in one convenient place. eAutoAppraise leads feature an NADAguide-backed estimated appraisal value for a customer’s trade-in, as well as detailed information on their current vehicle and new-vehicle interest.

With Finance leads from Credit Miner, along with other finance leads, the Dealer eProcess Dashboard will provide you with a customer’s credit score, information on their last five auto loans, late-payment information, current loan balance and APR, cosigner indicator, revolving debt percentage and amount, and more.

This transparency allows dealers to see what’s working on their site in terms of advertising and lead generation, and market their approach accordingly. It also sets the Dealer eProcess platform apart from other automotive website providers, whose lead systems are less sophisticated, less accessible, and less effective.

“When you compare, not all leads are not created equal,” said Dave Page, co-owner of Dealer eProcess.

Not all lead-reporting software is created equal, either. On the Dealer eProcess platform, dealers have access to the most advanced tools in the industry, as well as the most comprehensive data available. Website leads, for example, trace a user’s history on the site as far back as six months. This history is laid out by date, time, and page, and even displays a color-coded Click Path clearly integrate all customer data and identify exactly when and why leads were submitted.


What’s more, Dealer eProcess’ innovative lead-reporting system ties customer information, vehicle information, and other valuable lead data together in one place. This makes it easy to classify, categorize, and focus on what matters most: lead conversion.

Our leads are better than yours: we’ve just explained.

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