Monthly Newsletter | October 2014
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SEO has changed and custom content is more important than ever before. Watch new content from the website menu. New Video released EVERY Tuesday!

Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi was looking to increase opportunity for car sales by generating more finance leads from their number one source, the dealer’s website! Click below to read more.

When Google crawls a website, attention is focused on the content that sits in the navigational menu. If content is valuable to the consumer, then it should be linked from the main navigation menu because that’s where consumers navigate a website.

Need to design some webpages for your car dealership, but not sure how or where to start? Created by Dealer e-Process, Easy Setup Templates save you time and allow you to produce eye-catching content on your dealership website for your customers!

Dealer e-Process transformed the old website for Canada's Regency Lexus into a wide screen design with two great ways for customers to search.

Warren Buffett’s announcement today that his Berkshire Hathaway Group is acquiring the Van Tuyl Group has the potential to change the market over the next year.

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