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The VDP on the dealer’s site can be a better consumer experience and is always better for the dealer. But not all dealer site VDPs are created equally either..

If your current PPC provider does not have a direct sync with Google’s software, you will not be able to get in front of mobile searchers looking for a nearby dealership.

Don’t lose a lead or a sale because your website’s payment calculator can only compute a best guess.

Are you allocating your advertising dollars properly across the right networks? Does your current vendor provide you with a much needed side by side comparison?

Gillespie Ford’s new responsible responsive website (RESS) allows customers to view the site on many different devices, without losing any homepage content when switching from desktop to tablet to mobile.

The Banks Report has learned that Reynolds and Reynolds today acquired On Line Drive, a company created by Larry Bruce. It’s the third company of Bruce’s that Reynolds has acquired from Bruce over the last seven years.

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