Now, when a customer fills out an online credit application on a dealer’s website, the information is sent directly to the dealer’s RouteOne management platform.

Dynamic retargeting has been a staple of digital marketing for years. If you go to Amazon and shop for new gym shoes, those exact shoes will follow you around the internet everywhere you go. Car dealers need to do the same thing with their shoppers…BECAUSE IT WORKS!

It’s out with the old and in with the new for the LaFontaine Automotive Group. With the help of Dealer e-Process their website is now more interactive, accessible, convenient and livelier for those who visit.

With one click on a mobile device, customers now have the ability to quickly map their way to your dealership from their current location.

Technological advances continue to make it possible to produce more with fewer people, including more sales with fewer salespeople. However, this video explains in less than 90 seconds why there will always be a need for salespeople in the automotive retail industry.

Dealer e-Process’ enhanced incentives page displays every incentive presently available, while also directly integrating with the current inventory for each model.

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