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When it comes to optimizing for search engines, one of the first places to start is your Google My Business (GMB) Listing. You may be thinking that you’ve set your free listing up and are good to go, but with the continuous enhancements Google has rolled out since GMB’s beginning roughly 5 years ago, it is imperative to maintain the platform and ensure that the utilization of it is a priority within your company. 

Consumers are becoming more and more attracted to the information on your GMB listing which makes it more than just a listing these days — it’s also a platform for engagement. This is why  staying up to date on new GMB enhancements and leveraging the available features is increasingly important for your business. 

Below are some recently announced enhancements you can and should take advantage of if you aren’t already:

Cover photo – The GMB cover photo can be thought of the same way you think of your Facebook cover photo — it is the first visual representation of your business when users initially land on your Facebook page and now there is the ability to do the same for your GMB listing. With the option for businesses to set a preferred image as their cover photo it becomes easier to control which image shows in local search results, potentially bringing with it the possibility of keeping cover photo changes in line with new model inventory and promotions.
Photo Display — Photos uploaded are now prominently displayed at the top of a GMB listing within a carousel module (your cover photo being first!) which allows users to quickly scroll through on mobile. In addition to this enhancement, it is rumored that the ability to add captions to photos is coming soon, meaning dealers could be able to include additional context as it relates to the photo. Check out Google’s guide for the type of photos every business should have on their listing!
Business Logo —  Previously we published a short video about favicons now displaying directly in mobile search results, which is a feature Google launched for quicker brand identification to enhance the user experience. The same can be said for this new GMB enhancement which allows your logo to be displayed directly on your GMB Listing again as a visual representation of your business and yet another spot to promote your brand identity.  
Set a preferred image as your GMB Cover Photo as a visual representation of your business
A carousel module prominently displays uploaded images at the top of your GMB listing
Add your business logo to the GMB listing for quick brand identification

With the recent Google My Business enhancements it is becoming clear that Google is putting a strong focus on customer engagement through the GMB listing. For dealers to compete they must not only be aware of the changes but also take action!

To add a Cover Photo, additional images, and a logo, simply login to your Google My Business account and select ‘Photos’ from the left-side panel. 

If you have questions about how to optimize your Google My Business listing, contact our SEO experts here at Dealer eProcess!

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