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Newbold Toyota Case Study – Video Personalization

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Newbold Toyota Case Study Video Personalization


The Problem.  Newbold Toyota Video Views Case Study

Newbold Toyota wanted to increase video views on their website. Video is naturally more interactive, showing an enticing 360 degree view of the vehicle, but videos commonly get lost in the background, rendering them completely ineffective. In the case of Newbold Toyota in March, the site clocked in at 237 video views a month, which was nowhere near their goal. They came to us asking how they could improve that. By May, their video views were up by 270%, giving them a total of 877 views.


How we did it.

The Dealer eProcess platform focuses on Video Personalization, which customizes each person’s experience based upon which VDPs they view. This real-time program works a lot like real-time AWD, reacting to customer’s vehicle interests and activity. Dealer eProcess’ Video Personalization tool populates your dealership’s homepage with videos of vehicles the customer viewed the last time they were on your website, reminding them exactly what they were interested in and giving them walk-around videos to entice them further. Even better, every consumer gets a different video experience than the one before, which personalizes the online experience for the shopper. By making these videos both readily available and custom-tailored to each website visitor, DEP helped Newbold Toyota accomplish their goal: to increase video views on their website!

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