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New Website Features: Personalization with iSPY

By March 30, 2016April 24th, 2020No Comments
Personalization with iSPY

video homepage 2Dealer eProcess proves to be ahead of the game thanks to its latest website integration – a modern approach to interacting with customers behind the screen. Utilizing iSPY, Dealer eProcess can personalize a website user’s experience by specifically tailoring website content to the vehicles they’re searching for. For example, if one of your customers views the 2016 Chevy Sonic’s VDP, the next time that customer visits your site’s homepage – whether it be the next day, two weeks later, or four months from their initial visit – a video of that specific vehicle will pop up on the homepage, further engaging your customer with the vehicle and your site.


Not only does iSPY enhance the customer’s experience, it also helps you, as the dealer, to connect with the customer. iSPY acts as a real-time magnifying glass that sends alerts to your CRM when customers are navigating your website. In turn, this allows you to view who is visiting your website and what it is that they’re looking at – giving you the perfect opportunity to interact with that customer. iSPY helps dealers’ customer connectivity rates increase by 500% versus the average BDC process.

If you have a DEP website and iSPY, you get more than just good leads to your CRM. Contact Dealer eProcess to schedule a demo and learn more about this forward-thinking program to further enhance your website user’s experience – make the switch today!

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