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New Website Features: Locked Inventory Pricing

By June 27, 2017April 24th, 2020No Comments

Online inventory is a crucial aspect of a dealership website, and dealers now have a new way to customize that feed. Dealer eProcess is excited to offer an optional function that will hide a vehicle’s final price with a trackable form. Enticing customers to stay active on the site is just one of the many benefits of this new inventory pricing feature. When combined with our award-winning digital marketing strategies, users and dealers will have a truly valuable website experience.

Locked Inventory Pricing

Instead of simply displaying the price of a vehicle for sale right at first glance, this unique locking feature hides the price until the customer clicks on the icon and fills out the pop-up form. Doing so will “unlock” the price of the vehicles they have filtered for a set period of time. Dealers can decide whether they want the price to be displayed for only a few days or up to two weeks, depending on how they see fit.  They can set the feature to hide both new and used inventory prices, or just for new models.

Unlocked Inventory Pricing

In addition to helping encourage serious shoppers, the dealership can also utilize this tool to track how many people are interested in their inventory. Along with other analytics in the Dashboard, a column will show exactly how many times the price-locking form has been filled out. Customers will appreciate the immediate “unlock” of the cost of the model, while dealers get traceable data to fine-tune their marketing strategies and encourage greater in-store traffic.

To learn more about how the new locked inventory pricing feature can be applied to current Dealer eProcess sites, contact your account executive today! Our talented team would be happy to tell you all about this innovative tool.

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