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New Website Feature: Referral Lead Sources

By October 24, 2016April 24th, 2020No Comments

An exciting change is now live in the Dealer eProcess Dashboard!

In addition to leads submitted through different devices, leads attributed to PPC campaigns, and leads associated with Custom Content, Dealer eProcess customers now have the ability to track leads garnered by third-party referral sites.

With this change, dealers can gain unprecedented insight – as well as access to in-depth reporting – into leads resulting from third-party referral sources such as AutoTrader,, CarGurus, and more.


For example: Say a customer is browsing vehicles on, where a dealership is advertising their inventory. If the customer clicks the dealer’s link on to direct them to the dealer’s DEP website, and then submits a lead form, the resulting lead will appear in the Dealer eProcess Dashboard as a third-party referral lead.


This update gives dealers access to never-before-seen reporting and metrics, especially when paired with CaROI – Dealer eProcess’ unparalleled digital marketing analysis platform. For dealers who utilize multiple third-party sources, this creates the opportunity for direct comparison between referral sites such as AutoTrader and CarGurus – and can help dealers determine exactly where their advertising dollars should go to help them sell more cars.


Please note: The Dealer eProcess Dashboard does not display leads generated on these third-party lead sites; this new feature applies only to traffic directing from third-party websites to a dealer’s DEP site.

For more information on this innovative new feature, contact your Account Executive today!

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