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New Product: Price Drop Alert

By March 30, 2016April 24th, 2020No Comments
Price Drop Alert

Looking for a way to reach your customers on a daily basis and increase traffic on your websites? With the innovative Price Drop Alert tool from Dealer eProcess, your customers can immediately be drawn to your website every time you drop the price of one of your vehiclesprice drop use 3

When your customers are researching the inventory of any vehicle on one of Dealer eProcess’ websites, they can sign up for email alerts for when its price drops by clicking the “Sign Up for Price Drop Alerts” button located below the pricing of each vehicle on both the SRPs and VDPs – it’s that easy. Once they’re signed up, Dealer eProcess’ Price Drop Alert will send email notifications in real time when a vehicle’s price goes lower than when the customer originally requested the alert or when the vehicle has sold. Each email presents a wealth of information, with everything from vehicle description to price history, and even current incentives for each vehicle the customer has alerts set up for.

For dealerships, Price Drop Alert is an advanced way to reach out to potential clients. Instead of waiting back and hoping for traffic on your websites, this tool will make sure your dealership is on their mind and put your vehicles in your customers’ inbox to increase exposure for your vehicles. Instead of tossing money away on obsolete advertisements around town, stay on the frontier of digital marketing with this easy-to-implement device. Every time you lower a price of a vehicle, you’re sending out a surge of alerts to potential buyers, which means more traffic to your website, more visits to your dealership, and most importantly, more vehicles sold.

The Price Drop Alert tool from Dealer eProcess is a win-win for consumers and dealerships alike. Contact us to set up a demo today!

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