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New Product: Parts Catalog

By October 11, 2016April 24th, 2020No Comments
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parts1Ask any dealer what they consider among their biggest deficiencies at their dealership, and odds are they will mention the headache associated with selling parts and accessories. From inventory sourcing, to product descriptions and photography, and even to choosing the right platform, there can be many hurdles to overcome if your dealership wants to be successful in the lucrative automotive parts and accessories industry. Enter the Parts Catalog, the innovative new parts and accessories integration from Dealer eProcess.

Customers simply need to enter the make, year, model, and trim of their vehicle, and DEP’s all-in-one Parts Catalog does the rest. This makes it easy for your customers to locate the exact cooling fan or caliper kit they’re looking for, with no need to confirm if a part is right for their vehicle. Plus, with pricing, details, blueprints, and related items available right at their fingertips, your customers will never have the need to look for OEM parts and accessories anywhere else.


Even better, Dealer eProcess’ Parts Catalog integrates directly into your existing website and your existing dealer Dashboard, eliminating the need for third-party negotiations or multi-platform experiences. With one login, you’ll have access to everything your dealership needs – reporting, inventory, leads, content management, and beyond. What’s more, leads submitted through the all-new Parts Catalog can be tracked and monitored with DEP’s industry-leading Click Path technology, giving your dealership an invaluable inside look at your customers’ activities and habits on your website.

Taking the legwork and the guesswork out of the online parts and accessories experience, the all-new and 100% responsive Parts Catalog from Dealer eProcess is a game-changer for both your dealership and your customers. Contact us today to learn more!




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