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New Lease Return Path for SARA Digital Retailing

By May 6, 2019July 23rd, 2019No Comments

Dealer eProcess is excited to announce a new option for customers utilizing the company’s unique digital retailing tool, SARA. Continuing the effort to provide a streamlined process that is tailored to each individual users, shoppers who are lease return customers now have the option to select that method within the tool.

Attract Even More Leads with Lease Return

After extensive research and evaluation, our team at DEP found that many dealership customers are already in the leasing process and looking to return their current vehicle to either renew a lease or switch to financing a purchase. With the addition of the lease return payments, customers and dealers can enjoy all the benefits that SARA has to offer.

The initial steps of the tool are the same, prompting the customer to fill out their contact info, the vehicle they are interested in taking home, and credit pre-approval options. When it comes to including vehicle value trade-in details, customers will have the new option to select ‘Lease Return.’ From there, they will be prompted to include the year, make, model, and trim level of the car they are leasing. Then, all they have to do is include their current lease payoff amount to continue with the rest of the tool, revealing their offer and completing for a deal they can print.

Leasing has its own unique financial elements, but with a lease return avenue added to SARA, customers have access to accurate lease return payments online. This allows dealers to increase both the amount and quality of their digital retailing leads!

About SARA (Smart Automotive Retailing Assistant)

Winner of the 2019 Rising Star Award at the AWAs, SARA ups the ante when it comes to getting a customer excited about purchasing a vehicle. Based on the user’s data collected from the eCredit App or the Trade-In tool, they can see their trade-in equity calculation, finance or lease offers, captive lender rates, tax data, dealer fees, and even select vehicle add-on’s and accessories. With this state-of-the-art tool, the customer can go through the entire buying process in a few simple clicks, print out their offer, and walk into the showroom to seal the deal.

If you have yet to experience all that SARA has to offer, schedule a demo with our sales team here at Dealer eProcess!

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