New Google My Business Product Posts

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product posts

Have you heard about Google’s latest update to their My Business Page Posts? Users will now be able to place the emphasis on a specific product, capturing the customer’s attention right from the search results. Keep reading to learn more about Product Posts and the other exciting Google Post options.

If you’re a dealer looking to move a specific model or vehicle, Product Posts are a great new option. All you need to do is include a title and a photo or video, along with a few details about the product you are featuring. This can include a minimum price, call-to-action button, and more. The choice is up to you! Thanks to the strategic location on the top half of a Google Search page, users are sure to see the product you are promoting and learn more about your dealership.

Other types of Google Posts you may already have seen include ‘What’s New’ Posts, Event Posts, and Offer Posts. With ‘What’s New’ Posts, a dealer can add general info about their location. Event and Offer Posts are more time-specific, focusing on a future event, such as a community function, or a special promotion. Offer Posts also allow you to include a coupon code.

All of these posts can be scheduled to appear for a set period of time. If you want to highlight a specific vehicle as your product, it’s easy to ensure that the post is viewed when that vehicle is available.

Want us to take care of these Google Posts for you? Contact our SEM team to learn more about our Google Posts package and start taking advantage of all that this unique feature has available! Our experts can handle the posting, scheduling, and provide lead tracking. Product Posts are included in our Google Posts management package at no additional cost – let us do the work for you!

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