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New Feature: Resend Lead

By April 7, 2014 No Comments

Dealers now have the ability to resend leads (from up to 30 days ago). There is a button marked “Resend This Lead” next to the “Print Lead” button for every lead displayed in Dashboard:


Click it, and a pop-up opens that either says a copy of that lead is no longer on file and cannot be resent, or it gives you options on how to resend. Select either the Text or ADF/XML version of the lead, and then choose from the list of email addresses (the list contains every email address of the lead group this lead was first sent to, both Text and ADF/XML recipients).


Resend Lead Pop-up


If this lead group is incorrect for some reason, there is an empty box at the bottom of the pop-up where you can enter one or more additional recipients.


So if you think you should have received a lead but did not, you can click “Resend This Lead”; or if you are not sure to whom a lead was sent, you can look at the recipient list in the “Resend Lead” pop-up. This displays who should have received a lead the first time. If you received an ADF/XML lead but should be set up for Text, for example, then you can resend the Text version to your email address and then change the lead settings in Dashboard for future lead delivery.