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Dealer Watch’s “Chatter” Tab is now the “Social” Tab

By November 9, 2018February 4th, 2019No Comments

Learn More About One of Dealer Watch’s Latest Updates!

With Dealer Watch’s new features, staying connected with your dealership’s social media and web presence is easier than ever! All the information is in one, streamlined dashboard, now with more advanced features and tools. If you haven’t checked out Dealer Watch, now is the time!

For those who are familiar with Dealer Watch, the ‘Chatter’ tab has been updated to ‘Social.’ The functionality of this section is similar, but with fresh new features to enhance your social media presence and more in-depth reporting. You’ll now be able to access real-time social media monitoring, utilize geo-fence targeting, track social media themes and trends, along with complete performance metrics.

Not only do you want the ability to monitor your own social media activity, but you also want to be sure that it’s effective while keeping an eye on the current trends. The Social tab within Dealer Watch does just that by offering a heat map with social media activity volume, a tally of your current followers and new ones, as well as a Social Media Store Comparison.

Social Media Store Comparison gives you the opportunity to sort through different factors such as a single competitor or local average, the number of followers and posts those competitors have, and then your stats. By comparing all of this across a selected date range, you can make sure you are up to par in terms of creating posts and generating user attention.


Another exciting feature that can be utilized for all kinds of marketing throughout your website is the hashtag metrics.

With this data, you can select your own hashtags, such as a vehicle model or a dealership slogan. Dealer Watch takes this list of tracked hashtags and provides a graphic with the total activity for each one over a set period. At the bottom is a list with trending hashtags or ones that have recently increased in popularity. This is perfect for generating new ideas when creating social media posts, as well as paid advertising or custom content.

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse into the latest social media features within Dealer Watch, get a step-by-step tutorial by contacting our team of SEO experts at Dealer eProcess today!

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