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New Content Pages from Dealer eProcess

By November 18, 2016April 24th, 2020No Comments

The importance of automotive custom content has become increasingly clear in recent years. With the ability to target online audiences, drive traffic, and improve lead quality and amount, custom content has never been more valuable – especially when the delivered content is both SEO-rich and evergreen. The talented team of Content Engineers at Dealer eProcess helps dealers improve their online presence every day, and are now armed with the ability to create content pages that reflect the constant cycle of new information.

Custom Content full page imageOur Content Engineers convey information the way that consumers like – in concise bites that are relevant and easy to absorb. How? By using custom-made, auto-populating widgets. These widgets not only display all data available about a specific trait of a vehicle – such as the Green Score, Incentives, and Crash Results – they also update automatically as more information comes to light. For example, while a particular vehicle may not currently have any accolades to its name, when it does acquire a coveted endowment, that blank Awards widget will immediately populate, re-asserting the relevance of the custom content page. Or, in other words, increasing its evergreen quality.

DEP’s new Custom Content pages also have the dual purpose of keeping customers on your website longer. Instead of glimpsing a few words about a vehicle and then running off to the manufacturer’s site for specifics, your potential clients will spend more time on your website, since the ability to view features, specs, and inventory is available right at their fingertips.

At Dealer eProcess, we pride ourselves on helping you increase website traffic, which leads to more onsite traffic. The content pages built by our experienced Content Engineers is only one of the many examples that demonstrate our creative problem solving and innovative techniques that revolve around you and your business. Schedule a demo today!

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