Does your current provider check all the boxes?

The last decade saw the biggest change in how cars are purchased. Over the past 10 years we saw dealer websites become the heart and soul of your business. We saw digital marketing become the most important and effective way to reach new buyers. We saw digital retailing emerge as the next big thing that car buyers are asking for. And we saw website and marketing reporting shift from focusing on simple metrics like “bounce rate” to being able to take all of your online data and match it directly to a car sale. Well, all of Dealer eProcess’ customers saw that, we can’t necessarily say the same for the rest!

Looking into 2020, what we do know is that we can expect more of the same. The innovation is going to speed up.

If you’re looking to become the best dealer you can be in the next decade, you need the right partner. You need to ensure that your Website, Digital Retailing, Digital Marketing, and Reporting can check all of the right boxes. Fortunately, we made that easy for you. We’ve provided the complete 2020 Automotive Digital Checklist for you to download. This checklist will tell you everything you need to have within your digital ecosystem to truly become a modern dealership in the next decade.

Fill out the form and download the NADA Dealer Checklist and see if you can truly say you’re ready for 2020.

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