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Mobile Chat Helps Sherman Dodge Double Their Best July Ever In Chat Leads

By September 12, 2012April 24th, 2020No Comments

Sherman Dodge could be in a very tuff spot. They are in a crowded Chicago area automobile marketplace. Yet thanks to Dealer eProcess’ brand new mobile live chat feature and the strength of their sites already booming live chat stats they’re thriving in a crowded marketplace and in a tough economy.

Looking at their Live Chat leads from July 2011 to July 2012 you see a jump of over 200 live chat leads to tip the scale at nearly 400 brand new leads they didn’t have in the summer of 2011. The launch of the brand new mobile chat feature can account for a good amount of those. Looking at the stats month to month it’s clear that they saw a major bump from June, when they didn’t have the mobile live chat. Their bump just from June to July is over 75 new chat leads.

Mobile chat has bolstered the chat stats for Sherman Dodge and other sites just like it since Dealer eProcess started offering mobile chat earlier this year. With 40% of your web traffic now coming through mobile it’s now more important than ever to make sure your mobile presence is growing stronger. Having a mobile website is now a necessity of doing business in today’s market. If you really want to stand out you need to have something on your mobile site to create and convert leads into showroom visits, test drives, and satisfied customers.

Dealer eProcess live chat gave Sherman Dodge the chance to generate leads 24/7 365 and it paid off big. Dealer eProcess congratulates Sherman Dodge and hopes the successful trend continues with the goal of being over 400 leads squarely in their sites for the near future.

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