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Mobile Chat Case Study – Kingdom Chevrolet

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The Problem.

Kingdom Chevrolet is looking to engage their customers and increase dealership opportunities by generating a unique customer experience. The typical live chat solution poses a couple problems for dealers, including leaving chat unmanaged during dealers’ off hours, and no mobile solution. We know that customers are looking for a user-friendly solution, and to quickly have their questions answered. Limiting the time of day, as well as restricting chat only on desktop, leaves the customer a small window of opportunity to engage with the dealers’ chat. After reviewing the analytics behind Kingdom Chevrolet’s website, Dealer e Process was able to verify that 55% of the traffic to their site is customers visiting from their mobile devices. With over half of their traffic engaging through mobile, chat serves to be a vital part of their website solution. Dealer e Process wants to be sure Kingdom Chevrolet has a chat solution to engage their mobile customers.

Our Results.

Mobile Chat leads chart

How we did it.

Pro Active 24/7/365 Managed Live Chat – This Dealer e Process product was developed specifically for auto dealers looking for a chat solution that serves all purposes. The Dealer e Process chat solution allows a customer to chat and engage with the dealer on the website, including desktop, mobile or tablet, all day, every day. The Pro Active 24/7/365 Managed Live Chat is one application that works for every department within the dealership, whether it be new sales, used sales, parts, service, financing, or just general information. Not only will automotive customers have the ability to chat from any device, but they have the opportunity to do so at the time of day that is most convenient for them. The Pro Active 24/7/365 Managed Live Chat integrates with any website provider.