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Mega Menu: The New Way to Navigate

By October 2, 2014April 24th, 2020No Comments

When Google crawls a website, attention is focused on the content that sits in the navigational menu. If content is valuable to the consumer, then it should be linked from the main navigation menu because that’s where consumers navigate a website. The Mega Menu, created by Dealer eProcess, is designed for scale of content and consumer experience. Check out the screenshots below. Consumers can search a dealer’s inventory by model within the navigation menu

FixedOps also has the ability to really have their coupons stand out.  Dealers have the option of allowing their parts and/or service coupons to also display from the main menu navigation.  Not only will the coupons get prime real estate on the website, but all features, such as AppleWallet, GooglePay, and the ability to print are available right from the menu!

Dealer eProcess’ Mega Menu can be easily edited in the Dashboard Menu Manager. Menu Guides are provided to assist the user in creating and editing new menu groups and links.

Also, hovering over each item in the menu interface will display a short description of what that action button does as users make updates to their website navigation menu.

Dealers can decide which makes and models to display in the Mega Menu’s “Browse by Make & Model” section, which icons to display for menu links, and how they want to scale the content within each grouping. Maybe one month you want to focus on a Service Department promotion – you can choose to display Service coupons more prominently within the Mega Menu.


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